London Heathrow Airport


London Heathrow Airport

London’s Heathrow Airport serves over 70 million travelers a year, rightfully earning its reputation as the busiest airport in the UK. If you have the pleasure of coming or going through LHA you’ll find our rates to be more than competitive. Kettering Cars offers more value than just lower rates for private hire taxi services, we offer privacy, comfort and a relaxed state of mind that your transfer to or from the airport is reliably secured.

You can book a future date or same-day, the result will always be the same: Reliable service that will keep you on schedule. Read onto find out why Kettering Cars is the best choice for all your transfer needs.


Airport1-4 Peoples5-8 PeoplesJourney Time EstimateMileage
Heathrow Airport£115.00£135.001 hr and 29 min83 miles

Whether you’re travelling alone or with family you can be sure our services will accommodate your every need. The costs of transfer services for multiple persons can add up quickly and might even burden your travel budget. Kettering Cars is capable of bussing up to 7 people to and from London’s Heathrow Airport in our private airport shuttle; so, you can relax knowing your loved ones are travelling together at all times. Kettering Cars is the best choice for every traveler in need of a private transfer service.

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