Kettering Cars private hire taxi company is based in Burton Latimer, Kettering and currently serving 28 towns and villages within the borough of Kettering. Our services cover a wide variety of transfers and even include urgent courier service. We know you have places to be and business to attend to that cannot wait.

We put our focus on your satisfaction and safety. Our belief is that you’ll be so impressed with your transfer experience that you will become a recurring customer and refer new customers as well.

You will always be the VIP whenever you travel with Kettering Cars. Trust in a company that will always treat you with respect and class. Each positive experience you have with our company is just another brick in the foundation of our success.


  • I am thinking about making a booking with Kettering Cars what information do I need to give?

    It’s really easy making a taxi booking you can do it online or give us a call, all we need is a collection address, destination address and the time you wish to travel. Prices will be confirmed at the time of booking, for airport transfers and long distance work we will require a 15% booking deposit, this can be paid over the phone at the time of booking, if you make a booking request online we will call you to confirm the booking price and take a deposit payment then.

  • I have just placed an online booking is it confirmed now?

    All email bookings need to be confirmed with an exact price for the trip, it’s very hard to get an exact price as some things effect the journey, for example total number of passengers? Are multiple drops required for each passenger.

  • Do you offer a 24 hour taxi chauffeur service?

    Yes we only offer the 24 hour service for the long distance work, Airport Transfers, Seaport Transfers, Event Transport and other long distance taxi work, for any local collections our service will finish around 1am. If you have a request or a taxi party booking please give us a call to see if we can accommodate.

  • Is your company licensed and fully insured?

    Yes our fleet if fully insured with taxi and private hire insurance policies, our vehicles are licensed to carry up to 7 passengers on each trip.

  • How safe is the driver?

    Safety is our No 1 priority all drivers have been DBS checked and are regulated by Kettering Borough Council, drivers licensed badges can be viewed at all times prior to the start of your journey. Your journey is very important to us we don’t drive fast, as we believe safety should be our number one priority especially when we travel with families and young children, if you want a flying minicab service we are not for you.

  • What area do you operate from?

    We are located and operate out of Burton Latimer, Kettering in the county of Northamptonshire England. We are licenced and fully regulated by Kettering Borough Council.

  • Are your prices per person or per luxury transporter?

    As you can see we don’t hide our prices and they can be found in the pricing section at the top of our site, for longer taxi journeys we normally offer a fixed transport charge. You can see clearly that we do have a premium charge for more than 4 passengers on each trip, this covers the extra weight and fuel used. Please note for local journeys we use a taxi meter and the prices are set locally by Kettering Borough Council, However we are happy to discuss a fixed price option should you wish to give us a call or drop an email.

  • Can you take wheelchair passengers?

    Sorry no, you cannot sit in your wheelchair, we are a private hire company and not a Hackney carriage, we are happy to transport a wheelchair and we do offer individual seating inside the cabin, if your able to get into our transporter we would love to serve you.

  • How soon do I need to make a booking?

    We are not a mini cab company, however we are happy to share our services with all, for airport transfer bookings we ask for as much time as possible our service gets booked up fast, and we never want to let you down. For local work we ask you book as soon as you can, if in doubt please simply give us a call or drop a quick email and we will do our best to help out.

  • Are you able to come out of your local area?

    Yes we are a private hire taxi company, we are allowed to accept a booking not in our area, however this must be a confirmed internet or telephone booking, we are not allowed to randomly pick you up of the side of the road, and we are not allowed to be flagged down, this can only be done with a Hackney Carriage taxi. For more information or to make a booking please get in touch.

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