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East Midlands Airport Taxi Transfer

East Midlands Airport is known for the low-cost airlines like Jet2.com and Ryanair that fly out to domestic and European destinations. East Midlands Airport sports an Aeropark in the northwest corner of the airport. Many static planes are put there on public display for all to see. Besides the Aeropark the airport also provides two viewing mounds, so travelers can see flights departing and arriving to EMA.

While East Midland Airport remains close to the roads it does not share the same attributes with the railway system. The closest train station is 4 miles out from the airport and unfortunately it would be impossible to make the trek on foot with all your luggage to boot. There is a shuttle service, but it may not be in line with your schedule. Instead, book a private hire airport taxi with Kettering Cars!


Airport DestinationPassengers 1-4Passengers 5-8Journey Time EstimateMileage
East Midlands Airport£89.00£105.0056 minutes54 miles

Our airport transfer services are of the highest quality and provide the comfort and relaxation you deserve on your trip. Our drivers will show you VIP treatment whether you are coming or going to the airport. You can trust that Kettering Cars is committed to your schedule and needs.

Travelers journeying in groups can also benefit from the first-class service of Kettering Cars. We have a private airport minibus available to book that is sure to get your party to whatever destination awaits. There’s plenty of room for up to 7 people and their belongings so you won’t have to feel canned in like a sardine. We are sure to make your trip the best it can be!

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