Offshore Company Formation – Hong Kong Provides for a Good Environment For Business

Offshore company incorporation in Hong Kong has many benefits that make it a preferred choice for many global business owners. First, there is the issue of establishing an entity in a foreign country. That task can be daunting for someone without any understanding of the local language or business regulations. Furthermore, there are issues of attaining the legal forms and procedures to accomplish the process. It could take months and even years.

There are three options available for offshore company formation Hong Kong. The first is to establish a new company at the Secretary for Companies and Registration of Businesses (SCRTB) office. The next option is to use a company registration service provider. Company registration services will represent all corporate matters and comply with the necessary licensing and registration requirements. The third option is to employ an offshore bank to register your company and perform the required transactions.

Hong Kong is the most popular choice among overseas investors because it is a global city-state with excellent business and investment opportunities. As a result, there has been an influx of thousands of highly qualified personnel worldwide to form many international companies. Most of these professionals prefer to open their businesses in the world’s leading financial centres such as New York, London, and Paris. Because of the high standard of living and tax benefits available in these cities, they feel it is relatively easy to start a Hong Kong business.

It is the number one choice for offshore company formation in Hong Kong because it provides access to some of the world’s most potent financial laws. Companies can choose to be domiciled in Hong Kong or have their registered office in the city. Both have significant advantages. For instance, a company with its registered office in Hong Kong enjoys more generous access to the banking and corporate laws of the Chinese autonomous region of China. On the other hand, a company having its registration in the former British Colony enjoys elevated compliance screening and better offshore management and administration services.

Companies need to comply with the local jurisdiction’s corporate laws and requirements to achieve the objective of company incorporation. One of the primary conditions is an income tax liability. Many offshore company formation providers in Hong Kong offer low rates of incorporation and combined with high incomes. It makes it an attractive option for businesspeople from low and medium-income countries. It is mainly due to the absence of double taxation on income and wealth in Hong Kong. Other reasons include the lack of stamp duty, property tax and import duties, exemption on gambling and alcohol, and exemption on income and corporate tax on company acquisition and disposal.

The company setup in Hong Kong also enables easy transfer of funds between the company’s main offices and its branches or satellite offices in different locations worldwide. This offshore company formation facility facilitates efficient communication between the central and regional headquarters and their respective regions. The paperwork and international registration processes can be done in a very convenient manner. Many offshore registration services offer Hong Kong registration for nominal rates, even as low as under $100.

Another advantage of incorporating a company in Hong Kong is the absence of a complicated company registration process. The basic requirements are the owner of an overseas domicile and an offshore registered office. The Hong Kong government can also authorize companies to carry on their business as a non-domiciled company. In this case, all commercial activities of the company would be under the supervision of the court system of Hong Kong.

Offshore company formation Hong Kong also offers several other advantages, including reducing the parent company’s tax rate. The statutory corporation laws of Hong Kong to allow limited liability to the company forming offshore, thereby ensuring that the dividends paid by it to its shareholders will not be subjected to any income tax in Hong Kong. Moreover, a fully operational and profitable offshore company can attract a larger number of investors. These investors are generally affluent people residing outside the country and are willing to invest in the domestic stock market to maximize its profits.

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