How to Set Up Hong Kong Limited Company

Set up Hong Kong Limited Company is very easy. However,specific legal considerations need to be taken into account before signing the document.There are two kinds of Hong Kong Companies: the Limited Company and the Limited Partnership. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but generally, both are used as an entity for conducting business in Hong Kong. The advantage of the Limited Company is that it is easily open to the general public, whereas the Limited Partnership is not. Another important consideration is that the company cannot be run by a director who holds a public office. The advantage of the Limited Partnership is that the Companies Ordinance does not govern it.
Specific rules govern the operations of offshore company formation Hong Kong and these rules must be followed to avoid problems later on. For example, the company must be registered in the name of a resident of Hong Kong, whose identity is known to the company. If you operate your business out of another country, there are further restrictions on the way your business is conducted.
The main aim of setting up a Hong Kong Limited Company is to reduce tax liability, and this is accomplished by establishing the company in a corporate registry in Hong Kong so that the directors can use their names and no-one else. It also prevents the company from being operated by the employees, or by anyone who shares their assets.
In addition to the tax advantages, it is essential to establish a business name that reflects the nature of your business. Trademarks are also helpful in ensuring that the business name is unique.
If you are setting up a Hong Kong Limited Company, you must ensure that all the documents required are in order and that they are in compliance with the Companies Ordinance. You should ensure that your registered office address in Hong Kong are all correct and that there is a registered agent. It will also assist with getting access to financial resources and other official information.
If you are setting up a Hong Kong Limited Company, it is essential to have a Business Plan. This document must include a detailed description of the business, its operations, the type of goods or services it offers, and the type of business model that will suit it best. It is essential to include in your business plan to the financial status of the company and how it intends to finance the operation of the business. It is also advisable to include the projected profits and loss statement. If you are using a trademark as your company name, it is essential to include it in the Business Plan as well.
The first thing to do when setting up a Hong Kong Limited Company is to obtain a registration certificate. The Registration of Offices Information is available online from Companies House. If you need more information, you can call the Companies House or a similar institution and ask for advice.
The next step in the process is the company’s registration. You will need a copy of the Business Registration Order. After this step, the company will need to submit certain documents to the Public Trustee of Hong Kong. These documents will ensure that you comply with the other requirements of the Companies Ordinance.
The Companies Ordinance requires that the directors of a Hong Kong Limited Company must be residents of Hong Kong. Therefore, all directors must be Hong Kong residents who are at least 18 years of age. If you want to incorporate trust, you will have to apply for a Certificate of Incorporation. If this application is approved, the company will become a legal entity of the Trustee Company.